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DEF, ASR & AAR Protection - AQURON 7000 Spray-on Concrete Protection Treatment




This is a showcase of completed projects that AQURON 7000 concrete Corrosion Protection has been utilised to extend durabililty for concrete structures with exposure to  Alkali Silicate Reactivity (ASR), Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (AAR), Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) potentials which longterm cause cracking and deterioration of concrete structures.

AQURON 7000 Concrete Protection treatment System is a 2-step spray applied penetrating corrosion protection treatment that transforms free MOISTURE to be part of the extensive AQURON induced HYDROGEL formation throughout the concrete matrix.  

ASR & AAR conditions are overcome by AQURON 7000 concrete protection system. As  the  AQURON  is  drawn  into  the  concrete,  it  deprives  any  expansive  alkali  of  free moisture which is essential to the ongoing reaction. The free moisture and alkaline hydrates  are  transformed  into  a  gel  and  as  a  result  this  prevents  any  ongoing  development  of  expansive  products  that  crack  and  spall  the  concrete.  Where ASR/AAR  have  been  active,  and  cracking  has  increased  the  risk  of  ingress  of  chlorides  and  corrosion  of  the  embedded  steel,  then  this  is  prevented  as  the 7000 concrete protection system combats any progress of corrosion within the concrete.

Development of AAR-ASR, DEF & Sulphate Expansions are arrested.  Free moisture and alkalines are bound within the Aquron hydrogel, starving Alkali Silicate Reactivity (ASR), Alkali Aggregate Reactivity (AAR), Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) & Sulphate expansion that would otherwise develop and damage reinforced concrete structures.

Our team looks forward to helping you with any questions relating to how AQURON 7000 Concrete Protection Treatment can help you achieve protection on your concrete structures against ASR, AAR and DEF. Call us or email us a question

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