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Permanent Finish - For exposed concrete




AQURON 1000 sealer for concrete is the PERMANENT FINAL FINISH for exposed concrete

AQURON 1000 treated floors develop a permanent 'surface sheen' with regular scrubbing and use. Should more immediate advanced 'sheen' levels be required, this can be provided with CRETEPOLISH MAX.

AQURON 1000 being colloidal silicate has  been tested by Australia's CETEC Labs and qualifies for NIL VOC, making this an excellent choice for greenstar building projects.

AQURON WAREHOUSE SYSTEM offers both durability and sheen enhancement, and is essential for concrete floors which are subject to heavy usage from high volumes of foot or vehicle traffic.

The ultimate benefit of the AQURON WAREHOUSE SYSTEM is that it is permanent and does not require any maintenance other that a regular cleaning program and 'the more you use it, the better it gets'.

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2014 - Download info on AQURON 1000 ULTIMATE Treatment for curing & extending life of Concrete slabs

2014 Download AQURON 1000 tech sheet now:



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