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Aquron 2000 - Ultimate Floorcoverings Protection & Concrete Curing




  • Supply & Apply Only
  • Water borne Solution
  • Nil VOC
  • Nil Solvent
  • Concrete Curing
  • Moisture Vapour Control
  • Concrete Waterproofing
  • Durability Enhancement



CONCRETE MOISTURE CONTROL + CURING for concrete underneath floor coverings & coatings

AQURON 2000 waterproofing moisture control for concrete, can be applied to new and old concrete to control elevated moisture levels. Once applied to concrete AQURON 2000 concrete sealer completes a single chemical reaction, converting the alkalinity and moisture into a permanent hydrogel throughout the concrete locking up "free moisture". Curing, durability enhancement and permanent moisture control is provided in one application when AQURON 2000 is applied to freshly poured concrete.

AQURON 2000 concrete sealer is a nontoxic, colloidal silicate with a unique reactive catalyst and deep penetrating action.


The unique curing action effectively reduces shrinkage, risk of cracking, surface crazing, delamination & slab curl, while maximising flexural and compressive strengths and providing hardening & anti-dusting without compromising the surface key required for adhesives. Floor coverings and coatings can be confidently installed 28 days after placing the concrete, or 72 hours after application to existing concrete.





AQURON 2000 concrete sealer is strictly only available as a SUPPLY & APPLY. AQURON 2000 SUPPLY & APPLY is strictly in accordance with AQURON CORPORATION specifications, and accommodates varying concrete absorbencies. AQURON 2000 SUPPLY & APPLY means that you get the promised results and a meaningful 15 year warranty by means of a quality controlled installation carried out by experienced applicators. AQURON 2000 SUPPLY & APPLY method eliminates all risks for you and is YOUR INSURANCE!


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  • SUPPLY & APPLY cost for AQURON 2000 concrete sealer is up to 60% less than traditional systems.
  • Once applied and dried AQURON 2000 treated concrete can be opened to construction traffic and flooring preparation carried out. Compared to traditional membrane systems that require the area to be closed for up to 3 days for multiple coats to be applied and cure.
  • Being inside the concrete AQURON 2000 cannot be damaged, worn off or abraded like film-forming moisture barrier coatings. AQURON 2000 is much easier for busy construction sites.
  • The surface of the AQURON 2000 treated concrete can be made absorbent for the installation of adhesives and flooring coverings. This is compared to a membrane that must have a flooring leveling compound installed to provide a suitable surface for flooring installation.



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