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Aquron 2000 Guaranteed Waterproofing for Concrete



Ultimate Spray on Waterproofing & Curing

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Aquron 2000

Ultimate Floorcoverings Protection & Concrete Curing

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AQURON 2000 is the ULTIMATE 4n1 spray on concrete sealer for concrete waterproofing, curing, concrete hardening, and anti-dusting for all Australian concrete structures.

MARKHAM GLOBAL Australia are suppliers and application experts of AQURON 2000 the ULTIMATE 4n1 spray on concrete sealer. AQURON 2000 is formulated to WATERPROOF new and existing concrete structures, and give GUARANTEED MOISTURE CONTROL as FLOORING PROTECTION TREATMENT for concrete to have flooring and coatings applied. Proven on over 3,000,000m2 in Australasian conditions.

AQURON 2000 spray applied to concrete deeply penetrates into concrete by a unique catalyst forming molecular attraction. Once penetrated into concrete, AQURON 2000 stops all moisture migration by forming hydrogel in the porosity of the concrete. AQURON 2000 concrete waterproofing is most cost effective applied as soon the concrete is poured to achieve the ULTIMATE INTERNAL CURING benefits, while WATERPROOFING the concrete in one application. MARKHAM GLOBAL Australia recommends AQURON 2000 is the product of choice for:


For over 15 years, AQURON 2000 has proven performance of waterproofing concrete and extending durability of Australian concrete structures, from eliminating corrosion risks in warm salt water environments of Northern Territory and Queensland, to overcoming freeze-thaw potentials in the freezing and cold environments of Tasmanian mountains. The AQURON ULTIMATE concrete waterproofing solutions are proven in stopping moisture migration through concrete porosity.AQURON 2000 is ideal for concrete infrastructure, concrete basements, car park decks, swimming pools, water retaining structures, concrete in corrosive environments and all types of construction.

AQURON 2000 results in ULTIMATE concrete protection and concrete waterproofing for any Australian Concrete structure.


Proven in Australasia for over 15 years, AQURON 2000 MOISTURE CONTROL can be applied to new and old concrete to control elevated moisture levels beneath floorcoverings and coatings. Once applied to concrete AQURON 2000 concrete sealer completes a single chemical reaction converting the alkalinity and moisture into a permanent hydrogel throughout the concrete locking up "free moisture".

MARKHAM GLOBAL Australia offer the standard AQURON guarantee for 15 years from application date that the "supplied and applied" AQURON 2000 treatment protects adhered floor coverings from damage by moisture migration from within AQURON 2000 treated concrete, but still with elevated moisture readings i.e. above 75% RH. AQURON 2000 MOISTURE CONTROL must be applied to concrete following the 5 Rules and 8 Precautions.

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