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AQURON 2000 - Ultimate Spray on Waterproofing & Curing






AQURON 2000 concrete waterproofing is spray applied to provide curing, durability enhancement  & moistureproofing for concrete

AQURON 2000 waterproofing for concrete produces a Hydrogel that fills porosity up to 150mm+ below the surface, providing a broad spectrum of enhanced concrete performance, making AQURON 2000 the ultimate multipurpose treatment for concrete 

AQURON 2000 waterproofing for concrete, provides curing and sealing for new pours. Permanently incorporates internal free water maximising hydration and giving improved compressive and flexural strengths, hardened surface, resistance to cracking, antidusting, corrosion resistance.

AQURON 2000, provides "Flooring Protection" from moisture related delamination and allows very early acceptance of adhesives and impermeable coverings/coatings. Eliminates need of damp-proof underlayments for more convenient and cost efficient construction.

AQURON 2000 is equally effective on aged concretes for moisture & vapour proofing.

Proven ideal where tanking failures and rising damp has rotted floor coverings and caused smelly "sick building syndrome". AQURON 2000 inhibits corrosion, carbonation and chemical attack, with tests often showing that hydration has been "restarted" with improved strengths as in new concretes. AQURON 2000 must be applied using airless type high pressure sprayer on existing concrete.

AQURON 2000 waterproofing for concrete has no Solvents, nil VOC's or crystaline silica content. This makes AQURON 2000 waterproofing for concrete the more environmentally safe option, and has had outstanding results in Aquariums, potable water tanks etc.

On new pours damaged by unexpected rain and/or cold before setting AQURON 2000 has given excellent reduction of laitance and recovery of surface strength while still enhancing concrete performance as typical of AQURON 2000


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