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Cretepolish Max - Enhancing Sheen and stain resistance




Enhancing Sheen and Stain Resistance with CRETEPOLISH MAX

Further sheen enhancement and stain resistance for your polished concrete floor can be achieved by simply applying CRETEPOLISH MAX with a micro-fibre pad.

We recommend the surface is scrubbed clean after the final honing/polishing, and the first coat diluted with water 1:1, followed by subsequent coats undiluted. High speed burnishing will increase the gloss levels and stain resistance.

Maintaining your Polished Concrete Floor

CRETEPOLISH MAX can be reapplied easily and economically as a part of the general floor cleaning program.

Regular cleaning using standard floor detergents and micro-fibre pads followed by buffing will be all that is needed to maintain the cleanliness and sheen.

Your polished concrete floor will be highly durable and resistant to wear and dusting for many years.

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