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Grinding and Polishing - After AQURON 1000 has been applied




Diamond Grinding and Polishing after AQURON 1000 concrete sealer is applied

After AQURON 1000 has been applied, diamond grinding and honing techniques offer either exposed aggregate or plain polished concrete finishes.

For an exposed aggregate appearance, the grinding process begins 7-28 days after AQURON curing. Specialised grinding machines expose the aggregate by cutting the surface in even passes. It is recommended that the client should visit the site at this stage so that the desired amount of aggregate exposure may be determined.

Shrinkage cracking and slab curl can be further reduced by adding AQURON 300 to the original mix.

Colour and type of aggregate should be sourced and selected well before concrete placement.

Once the desired aggregate appearance has been achieved, the concrete surface is polished to a desired gloss level by means of a high-tech honing process.

The final polished appearance for both types of finishes can then be further enhanced by applying CRETEPOLISH MAX.

Use AQURON SUPERGRIND on Existing Concrete Floors

Existing and even very old concrete floors can be treated with AQURON and diamond honed to present an exposed aggregate, polished appearance.

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